Diego is a digital artist using 2D/3D animation software and generative visuals platforms as a medium for his creative inventions.

Diego has worked with prominent artists including Videogirl in a wide range of motion design projects, such as Bal en blanc, Bluesfest, Canada day (Ottawa), and Montreal en Fëtes.

Diego has share his passions for electronic music through live visuals performances at Osheaga, Ilesoniq and Wayhome festivals, Newcitygas and Beachclub in Montréal, and others around the country. 

Driven by the inspiring presentations at la Satosphere, Diego has recently started his new creative explorations in the area of generative visuals. He is currently pursuing his Creative immersion and Touchdesigner training at la Sat; with the goal of finding interesting collaborations in the field of multimedia installations, dome projections and stage visuals creation.